“On the steppes of Djengis Khan”, Moesgaard Museum 2018

Kristelig Dagblad: 6 (out of 6) Stars: With this exhibition, the new Moesgaard Museum maintains its high ambition level as the seat of cultural history exhibitions of international art. The exhibition shows all aspects of the Mongolian life and the world of imagination. It is alive to an extent so it approaches an identification with its subject. (29 june 2018)

Weekendavisen: “Ethnographic present”. Moesgaard Museums amazing nomadic exhibition…exhibits over 1,000 of Haslund’s collected items, beautifully and atmospherically arranged in a design of golden, wood brown, bronzed and red colors on the black background, which features in the objects’ own color, and with a well-functioning wall of sound of horses neighing, galoppering, guttural camel roar, rain, wind and the melancholy music of the steppes….” (29 june 2018)

Jyllandsposten: 5 (out of 6) Stars: “The illusion of a railroad journey is underpinned by the sceneries that stand outside the windows. Sound and image are in exemplary harmony, which is just as consistent completed when you attend the exhibition. the room is generally enhanced by a rather fascinating sound design” (22 juni 2018)

Århus Stifttidende: 5 (out of 6) Stars: “The staging is nice and atmospheric, as one expects it from an exhibition at Moesgaard. It is adjacent to draw parallels to the exhibition “The First Emperor”….” (29 June 2018)

“Gladiator – The Heroes of Colloseum” (Moesgaard Museum 2016)

Kristelig Dagblad: “In his version of this Italian gladiator exhibition, Moesgaard has created a powerful scenography and a successful exhibition design, taking into account both the desire for immersion and the requirement for dissemination.”(16 april 2016)