18 october 2018

Consultant, sound design Moesgaard Museum/ØstFyns Museer

18 october 2018

substitute at Favrskov Musikskole in nov/dec 2018

14 september 2018

Yesterday I released my new single, “When Elephants Dream of Music”

You can listen or/and buy it from all digital providers of music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal etc etc. All over the world.

Music and production by Søren Bendixen

Recorded at Søren Bendixen Studio

Masterering by Holger Lagerfeldt

Cover by Madeleine Bendixen

Label: Søren Bendixen via

“When Elephants Dream of Music” is the title of an Album by Bob Moses, released in 1982.

Back then I listened to this album a lot, often together with my friend Claus.

The album is a mixture of a lot of different styles and textures, although I guess you would call it jazz.  For me it sounded like free music and it took me to places where no one said; you can´t do that!

The Album was produced by Moses and Pat Metheney, but the guitarist on the album is (the one and only) Bill frisell.

You can find songs from the album on Youtube

You can buy the album from Amazon

I haven´t listened to the album for more than 20 years but the title stuck with me. I´m listening again now, and still like it

I asked my youngest daughter to make a drawing of an elephant who dreams of music. She came back with this drawing and I thanked her.

31 august 2018

Almost finished buying equipment for Field recording

i´ve been researching all summer and for the next few weeks I´l do a series of test recordings, to get to know my equipment.

For those who are interested in equipement here is a short list:

Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 (records up to 4 ch at a time in pristine quality)

2 X Se Electronics Se8, Matched pair

2X Line Audio Cm3, Matched pair

Røde Blimp ll

k-tek Stringray Pro bag

+ a few accessories in consideration

28 august 2018

Coming soon…Cover by Madeleine Bendixen

8. august 2018

You can now find reviews of my work under “Reviews” in the menu.

19. June 2018

Sound design and Music for the special Exhibition “At the Steppes of Dhengis Khan – the Mongolian Nomads”, at Moesgaard Museum, Denmark 19 juni 2018 – medio april 2019


The First Emperor – China´s Terracotta Army (excerpt)

Gladiator – The heroes of Colosseum


All the music above is from the album “Music for Exhibitions” – find it on iTunes, Spotify, Yousee or all most any online shop/streaming service.